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Polly Pocket Surprise

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Image of Polly Pocket Surprise

*Please note this is a pre-order, and Polly Pockets will ship late March :)*

I'm so excited for these new Polly Pocket Surprises!
I'm a massive Polly Pocket fan so I know how hard they can be to find, and I thought this would be such a fun idea for people who love them as much as I do!

You will receive:
1 Polly Pocket Compact
1 Polly Pocket Figure

The picture above is an example, each Polly Pocket Surprise will be a unique set.

The Polly Pocket sets available are all the original versions from the 1980's/90's (as they are my favourites!)
Due to their vintage nature they may show very slight signs of wear, but they will never ever be damaged/ have pieces missing/ have sundamage etc, so you can guarantee the Polly Pocket you receive will be beautiful and in excellent condition :)
I will try my best to give you the original Polly figure that comes with your set, but this isn't always possible so instead you will get a different Polly that will still complement your set perfectly :)